Design Ideas For Stainless Steel Cable Stair Railing

Stainless steel cable stair railing has become very popular in recent times.

This is because it’s modern, eye catching, and easy to maintain. Since it comes in clean and understated lines, it easily fits in with any type of stairs. If you have been thinking of installing the railing, here are great design ideas that you can go with:

End of staircases

It’s common to come across staircases that change direction. For example, it’s common to come across one flight with a slight landing, and another that ascends in the opposite direction.

If you have these types of stairs in your house or organization, you can install stainless steel railing. Here you need to install the railing at the end of the staircases. Since the railing is in a cable, it won’t block the stairs and you will be able to easily see straight through all other sets of stairs.

Spiral staircases

Most spiral staircases are made from either stainless steel or wrought iron; therefore, cable railing easily fits in them. You can install the railing while bending, twisting, turning, or facing opposite directions.

Overlooking a view

The overlooking view is used just like any other type of hand railing. Here you should use the railing as a wall figure that overlooks a great view. Due to this the railing will give you an appealing view of great scenery.

Opposite directions

This is a common design among many homeowners. The design is also very common hotels and office buildings. This is because the installed railing offers an unobstructed view.

For example, when you install the railing on a long flight of stairs you will be able to see the entire railing and at the same time create a long lengthy flight of stairs. By installing the railing you are also able to see the top floor when walking towards it.

Mix and match

One of the best things with stainless steel cable stair railing is that it’s versatile; therefore, it can bend with any type of stairs. You can also blend the railing with other types of railing. For example, you can apply steel railing to a wood staircase and as a result create a modern and elegant look.

You can also install the steel railing with wood posts thus creating a clean and fresh look.


These are some of the design ideas on how to install stainless steel cable stair railing. For ideal results, always ensure that you buy the railing from a reputable store.

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