Wooden And Iron Spiral Staircases Review

Once you have made a decision to install a spiral staircase into your property you then need to decide whether you want a wooden spiral staircase or an iron one.

You need to look at the advantages and disadvantages for both.

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Wooden spiral staircases are often cheaper then iron ones but that is where the advantage ends.

A wooden spiral staircase will be delivered to your house in separate parts and you will have an arduous task attempting to put together the staircase. You will have already paid full price for the staircase and if you cannot or do not want to put the staircase up yourself you will have to spend more money hiring a professional to do it for you.

Iron staircases on the other hand will be delivered to your property already fixed and in one piece. All you will need to do is position it in the area where you want the staircase placed and secure it with the proper tools. Some companies will even do this for you meaning you will not have to lift a finger.

When it comes to durability, iron lasts a lot longer than wood and is also a lot sturdier.

A wooden spiral staircase will need to be treated first so that pests will not be able to live in it and eventually destroy it. Even if you use treated wood, iron will still be more durable and this has been proven by numerous studies.

Space is a very important element in a home and traditional staircases can eat up a large fraction of this space.

Spiral staircases use less space than a traditional staircase, no matter how high the landing floor is and can be placed in almost any corner of the house as long as it can provide easy access to the upper floor. A spiral staircase is the best option when designing a building that has limited floor space.

A spiral staircase will only cover a small area which will allow for extra spaces to be used for more constructive purposes. A spiral staircase is compacted to one vertical spiral which reduces the need for additional spaces to cover slants.

An effective spiral staircase should have considerable walking space or the walk line should be close to the newel.

Each step should have a wide tread and suitable rise. When installing a spiral staircase you should not compromise safety just to save space.

Spiral staircases also have other uses such as an emergency exit, a decorative piece or as a support to a structure.

Spiral staircases are also a lot of fun to decorate whether they are inside or outside of your home. Aside from convenience and space efficiency, spiral staircases are also visually attractive. They break the monotony of a traditional straight staircase inside a house and can add to the attractiveness and uniqueness of a house when placed outside due to its unusual winding structure.

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