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We have been consistently serving the best furniture pieces to our customers. We introduced our business with an aim to deliver a superior level of service.

About Our Company

Habitats Indonesia has provided homes with contemporary pieces of furniture that continue to evolve with the growing market. We are working with reclaimed Teak wood and other hard woods such as Suar and specialize in modern live-edge styles. Incorporating advanced techniques to our process of creation, each design is revised and reworked to the last detail: every curve, texture and line reflects our design values.

Wood has always been the core material in Habitats collection. Therefore we continuously think about the consequences for the environment and take the environmental issue to heart: from the origin of the wood, the energy we use in the entire production and distribution process, to the treatment of the products and reduction of waste. We are also committed to our own fragile tropical environment in Indonesia and buy only woods that are reclaimed or harvested by certified suppliers.

EFM Indonesia

Currently, our production facility is also located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia under the name of CV EFM Indonesia. CV EFM Indonesia itself has been operating since 2004, manufacturing high quality solid wood furniture. We are working with reclaimed Teak wood and other hard woods such as Suar which are approximately 100 years old and legally reclaimed from government plantations as well as other indigenous woods from Indonesia. We can also source your handicrafts and accessories and provide a full export service.

All woods are dried for minimal moisture content (our standard is 12%) to prevent warping and cracking. We have shipped 8 containers per month to our clients in the USA and Europe and have excellent reference to guarantee our product. With over a decade of experience, we have developed stringent quality controls to ensure that the furniture that leaves our factory meets our own high standards..

Legal Wood Indonesia

Habitats Indonesia (as CV. EFM Indonesia), holding the Certificate No. VLK 00502, has been certified complying with the requirement of the Timber Legality Assurance System. Therefore, you can be assured that the furniture you purchase is a finely crafted product, from legally and sustainably harvested wood.

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